Concept and Practice of Making a Fascinating Cheese Plate

Charity Webinar by International Cheese Sommelier Oksana Chernova

If you are a cheese lover, join us and learn how to build a thematic cheese plate. All profit goes to a charity fund that evacuates Ukrainian children from the war zone.


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th of May
6 p.m.
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This webinar is for you if

  • you love cheese 
  • you want to surprise your family and friends with thematic cheese plates for any occasion.

Building a cheese plate is a creative process that you can enjoy together with your children and loved ones.

As a result

  • You will spend a good time learning about cheese while your money is going to help to evacuate Ukrainian children from a war zone
  • The next day after a webinar you will receive a link to a record. It will be available for two weeks.


  • Cheese is a special product that unites
  • Idea is what makes your cheese plate unique
  • Six steps of making a cheese plate 
  • Basic rules of cutting and laying out
  • Pairing examples
  • Questions and answers

International Cheese Sommelier

  • Certified cheese expert 
  • Member of the judging panel of the World Cheese Awards from 2019 and Gold Jury of the World Cheese Awards in 2022
  • Author of educational programs and main coach at ProCheese Academy 
  • Gastro traveller and cheese culture researcher
  • Co-founder of cheese art fest ProCheese Awards

2018 – certification and license to teach the original course ”Cheese Expert” from French Academy Mons  

2017 – training course from French manufacturer ELLE&VIRE

2017 – intensive training course on cheese affinage for cheese experts at the French Academy THE ACADEMIE OPUS CASEUS

2016 – training course in cheese science, cheese customizing and packaging from German manufacturer BERGADER and Dutch manufacturer UNIEKAAS

2013 – INSTITUTE ICIF – Italian culinary institute for Foringers

2012 – INSTITUTE PAUL BOCUSE – French cuisine basic course


About ProCheese Academy

We are the first educational centre in Ukraine that provides training for cheese professionals: cheesemonger and cheese sommelier. Our trainers host online and offline events for cheeselovers.


From this charity webinar we are going to donate all profit to SMART Medical Aid to finance the evacuation of the children from the war zone.

About SMART Medical Aid

SMART Medical Aid is a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) of experienced health care professionals. They provide medical aid, training and support to help victims of injury and trauma. They currently work in Ukraine to help war victims.


Join the webinar

Learn the concept and practice of making a perfect cheese board while helping children in Ukraine

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    Yes, the next day after a webinar you will receive a link to a record. It will be available for two weeks.

    Yes, of course. We are absolutely transparent about money because this is a charity event. A few days after webinar we will send you an email with confirmation of the transfer to SMART Medical Aid.