On Cheese Lovers’ Day, ProCheese community expert Oksana Chernova and ProCheese Academy junior trainer Oleksandra Sydorenko visited the “Breakfast with 1+1” broadcast. They told about the triumph of Ukrainian cheeses at the World Cheese Awards, the largest cheese competition in the world, and made a cheese plate from the finalist cheeses.

The World Cheese Awards is the largest cheese competition in Europe, which has been held since 1988. In 2022, the event was supposed to take place in Ukraine, but due to Russian aggression, the competition was moved to Great Britain. Despite the obstacle, our team still managed to deliver 39 Ukrainian cheeses to the World Cheese Awards, and 13 of them received prestigious awards.

On the air, Oksana told why Ukrainian cheeses managed to get to the World Cheese Awards for the first time only in 2022 and shared tips for creating the perfect cheese plate. Our junior trainer Oleksandra demonstrated in practice how to make a cheese plateau, and the hosts of the program enjoyed the taste of cheeses with accompaniments.

Watch the full story below:

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