A private tasting of the winners of the world’s largest cheese competition, World Cheese Awards 2022, was held in London for representatives of the British media and retail, — reports the press service of ProCheese from Ardis Group.

The presentation was held in the WCA organizers’ — Guild of Fine Food —main office. Ukraine was represented by cheese “Syrna Torbynka” from Stanislavska Cheese Factory, Ivano-Frankivsk, which received the Super Gold award and was recognized as the best cheese of Ukraine, as well as the best smoked cheese according to the World Cheese Awards.

The cheese was presented by the cheese expert of ProCheese, Oksana Chernova, who used ethnic elements in the decor. For the pairing (combination), she chose prunes, Ukrainian rye-wheat bread, and dark beer.

Presentation of cheese. Source: Guild of Fine Food https://gff.co.uk/ 

“A successful combination of accompaniments in terms of texture and taste always enhances the perception of the taste of the cheese itself. The visitors liked the taste and pairing. Among the questions visitors asked were: “When will it be possible to see Ukrainian cheeses on the shelves of British stores?” This confirms that the efforts made were appropriate and justified,” Oksana Chernova shares her impressions.

The cheese expert of ProCheese, Oksana Chernova, with ProCheese Academy junior trainer Oleksandra Sydorenko. Source: Guild of Fine Food https://gff.co.uk/

For reference: this year, 39 cheeses from Ukraine took part in the international cheese competition in Great Britain for the first time, and 13 won awards. This became possible thanks to the Ardis Group company and the ProCheese community — the official representatives of Ukraine at the WCA and with the support of Switzerland within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian Quality Food Trade Program

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