Cheese sommelier

This fundamental module is an introduction to the cheese sommelier profession and the necessary framework for mastering competencies.

About the course

The course is held once every six months. Enrollment for the course is open.

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The course is for:

  • waiters wishing for development in the new promising specialty of cheese sommelier;
  • chefs and wine sommeliers who wish to discover a whole new specter of knowledge about cheese and to add something new to everyday routine;
  • cheesemongers and people working with cheese who wish to upgrade to a new level of understanding of the product and pairs for it.


  • An excellent taste bud training;
  • You’ll learn to choose the most high-quality cheese for the guests;
  • You’ll receive the basic instructions for cheese and wine combinations, as well as with other products;
  • You’ll learn how to impress your guests with unique accompaniments to cheese;
  • You’ll make cheese plateaus your competitive advantage of either your expertise or restaurant by making thematic and seasonal cheese plates.



From milk to cheese: how raw material impacts the taste of the final product. 

Classification of cheeses, wheels of taste.

Tastings and organoleptic analysis of every cheese category.

The correct selection of equipment to work with the cheese.

The principles of pairing different categories of cheese with alcohol and other products.

Presentation of the product and storytelling.

Creation of cheese plateaus: rules and practice, thematic and seasonal options.

Oksana Chernova

A coach and author of the programs at the ProCheese Academy

  • A certified cheese expert with over 10 years of experience working with cheese and professional gastronomy
  • A member of the international jury at the World Cheese Awards
  • One of the founders of the ProCheese Awards festival
  • A culinary traveler and researcher of the cheese culture 
  • The author and inspiration for the ProCheese Community

2012 – INSTITUTE PAUL BOCUSE – the foundation French cousine course

2013 – INSTITUTE ICIF – Italian culinary institute for foreigners

2016 – an educational course on the cheese expertise, cheese customizing and packaging from the German producer BERGADER and Dutch UNIEKASS 

2017 –  an intensive course on affinage for cheese experts at THE ACADEMIE OPUS CASEUS

2018 – a fundamental course for cheese experts on cheese affinage at the MONS Academy 

2018 – received a certificate and license from the French Academy MONS for teaching an original course “Cheese expert”


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