The judge of the WCA competition and ProCheese cheese expert, Oksana Chernova, met with Natalia Palchak, the creator of Syrna torbynka, the same cheese that received a special award from the judges and the prestigious Super Gold award.

We will remind you that Syrna Torbynka from Stanislavska Syrovarnya, together with 13 other Ukrainian cheeses, received an award and was the only one to reach the WCA 2022 finals, entering the top 100 cheeses in the world. You can read more about the competition here.

Natalia Palchak talked about the background of her professional success, its connection with her personal life, and what curious stories stood in her way. She shared her emotions about the tasting in London, to which cheeses have access only after a personal invitation by the organizers of the international competition.

During the conversation, Oksana and Natalia put together an incredible cheese plate from the cheeses of Stanislavska Syrovarnya, which will inspire you to have a cheese dinner at home.

You can watch the interview by following the link below:

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