How to work with cheeses correctly, sell more, and optimize the cheese space to increase profits — these questions concern many who are connected with the sale of cheese. That is why the ProCheese Academy, in partnership with the German cheese manufacturer Bergader announces recruitment for a free course for cheese professionals.

Training for those who work with cheese:

  • cheesemongers (cheese sellers);
  • cheese sommeliers;
  • managers and heads of cheese departments;
  • owners of cheese shops;
  • and everyone involved in cheese sales.

The course will cover three topics:

  • the career of a cheese professional in Ukraine;
  • working with cheeses with blue mold;
  • effective management of cheese space.

About the organizers:

  • ProCheese Academy is Ukraine’s first cheese academy that trains certified cheese professionals – cheesemongers and cheese sommeliers. For 3 years, the Academy has been conducting online and offline training for those who wish to acquire a cheese profession or deepen their knowledge.
  • Bergader is a company that began its journey in 1902 when the founder Basil Weixler laid the first stone in the foundation of a private cheese factory. Since then, Bergader has produced signature cheeses such as Bavaria Blue, Boniface, and Bergader Edelpilz from the best Bavarian mil

The joint educational program was created to support and develop the Ukrainian cheese industry. Participants who successfully pass the test after completing the training will receive certificates.

Format: online
Start: February 21
Webinar program and free registration at the link:

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