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Learn how to take your cheesemaking technology to the next level from a world-class expert. We accept applications until September 7.



Free and in a convenient format

Not everyone has the opportunity to improve their qualifications abroad or to invite a world expert to their home. You will touch upon the top expertise without leaving your home.

An opportunity to improve production processes

You will gain a fundamental understanding of processes based on science.

You choose a product for the improvement

At the second webinar, the expert will consider the recipe and technology of cheese production of the participants’ choice in detail.

You better your products overall

An expert will tell you how to avoid the most common cheese defects.

One step closer to exporting to European markets

Thanks to the understanding of European quality standards, you will be able to realize your ambitions to expand production.

Easy perception of information

You do not need to understand English. Simultaneous Ukrainian translation will be available at the webinars.


It is the one* if you:

  • are a citizen of Ukraine
  • have been making and selling cheese for more than 1-2 years
  • are looking to improve your technology
  • want to increase production and are thinking about entering new markets
  • develop recipes for cheesemaking businesses

This program is not the one if you:

  • are just starting your journey in cheese making
  • make cheese at home for relatives and friends

**Applying does not guarantee participation in training. Managers will assess each application against the criteria above.

Paul Thomas

Dairy Technical Consultant, Hygiene Expert, and Cheese Making Instructor

  • Technical director and teacher of the Academy of Cheese, Great Britain
  • Director and co-founder of the cheese business Urstrom Kaese GmbH, Germany
  • Co-author of the European manual on proper hygiene in the production of craft cheese and dairy products – a document with recommendations for compliance with EU standards
  • Has a degree in biochemistry (University of Dundee, Scotland)

Paul Thomas is a dairy technical consultant, hygiene expert, and cheesemaking instructor supporting businesses worldwide.

After obtaining a degree in biochemistry from the University of Dundee, he went to work in the dairy industry.He later headed up the cheese production on a farm in southern England.

He currently lives in Berlin and is the director of Urstrom Kaese GmbH, a cheese company he founded with his partner Jule in 2020.

Paul is the co-author of the European Guide to Good Hygiene in the Production of Craft Cheese and Dairy Products. This document is published by the European Commission and contains recommendations for the community to comply with EU standards.

He provides technical advice to members of the Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association of Great Britain, the Raw Milk Producers’ Association of Great Britain, the Fine Food Guild, and the Cheesemakers’ Association of Ireland (CAIS).

Paul is a member of the Hygiene Committee of the European Network of Farm and Artisan Cheesemakers (FACE). He has provided training for food compliance officers on behalf of UK food safety authorities.

His expertise has been applied to food safety cases involving cheese.

In addition to publishing articles in various publications and books, including The Oxford Companion to Cheese, Paul has written two books, both published by Lorenz Books: Homemade Cheese (2016) and Homemade Sausages (2020).

I am offering my time for free to Ukrainian cheesemakers as a result of this senseless and barbaric war. I consider it my moral duty to do whatever I can to help. I can assist cheesemakers in developing their skills, in order to grow their businesses and help to rebuild the economy after this horror is over and then, hopefully, prepare them for trade with the European Union.

Paul Thomas


Day 1. Control of the craft cheesemaking process

September 14

Paul will talk about the complex chemistry of dairy products in a simple way. In the webinar, we will consider:

    • process control to ensure quality and reduce product variability;
    • monitoring the development of acidity in relation to drainage;
    • monitoring of coagulation properties to optimize process management.

Day 2. Delve into production technology (choice opportunity)

October 10

Participants will be able to vote for one of the technologies:
  • production of lactose cheeses
  • cheddar
  • gouda
  • alpine hard cheeses
  • blue cheeses
  • washed-rind cheeses
  • halloumi and cheeses «for the grill»

Day 3. Elimination of common cheese defects

November 14

In this webinar, Paul Thomas will cover:

  • the most common cheese defects and how to prevent them (from gas defects to discoloration, rancidity, and mold problems)
  • when the defect may be a desirable part of the relevant cheese technology.

Before the lecture, participants can send their questions and photos of defective cheeses. The speaker will review them during the webinar.

About the Academy of Cheese

The Academy of Cheese is a non-profit organization that promotes cheese knowledge, cheese education, and cheese careers. The Academy supports cheese producers to ensure the industry’s prosperity for them to work with interested consumers.

Academy courses are built on 4 levels of certification for the growth of expertise of both consumers and professionals.

About ProCheese Academy

It is the first cheese Academy in Ukraine training certified cheese professionals – cheesemongers and cheese sommeliers. For 3 years, the Academy has been conducting online and offline training for those who wish to acquire a cheese profession or deepen their knowledge. Unfortunately, offline education in Kyiv has been suspended for the duration of hostilities.

In addition, the establishment creates events for cheese lovers and consults businesses.

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This event is supported by Switzerland as part of the Swiss-Ukrainian program “Development of trade with higher added value in the organic and dairy sectors of Ukraine”, implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership with SAFOSO AG (Switzerland),


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    Paul Thomas will teach in English, and we will provide simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.

    Yes, the speaker agreed to record the webinars. All participants will be granted temporary access. However, it’s best to participate online because that way, you stay in the group dynamic and have the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker.

    Yes, there will be an electronic certificate. To receive it, you need to participate in all online webinars.

    We will notify all participants separately about the time of each webinar.

    You will receive a response to your application on September 1-7. If the manager has not contacted you during this period and has not provided an answer regarding participation, please contact us at 093-514-11-07.

    If you have any questions regarding participation, please contact:

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