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On Wednesday, April 26, the Montecchi Capuleti Italian restaurant in Pechersk will host a tasting of cheeses from hot Italy by Oksana Chernova, a ProCheese cheese expert. It seems that there is no better anti-stress preparation for the really warm spring period.

From us – good company, Prosecco bubbles and the secrets of combining cheeses with different drinks and accompaniments. And from you – readiness to receive gastronomic pleasure and new unique knowledge

In addition to tasting cheeses and drinks, you will learn the secrets of combining flavors – the basis of pairing dishes. Learn to isolate the main notes of cheese to create new taste sensations and gastronomic experiences.

On the menu of the evening:

  • Welcome drinks, atmospheric music and slow conversations.
  • Tasting of three types of wine and four types of cheese, delivered directly from Italy.
  • Practice cheese pairing with sweet and salty additions. With such knowledge, you will be able to independently combine any cheese with other products so that it is delicious.
  • A professional photographer who will capture your emotions on camera, leaving a photo as a memory of this incredible evening.

Oksana Chernova, a cheese expert of the ProCheese community, a gastronomic traveler who has tasted more than 500 cheeses from different parts of the world, will share her knowledge and pairing secrets; the founder of ProCheese Academy and a person who is boundlessly in love with cheese.

Who exactly should visit the tasting?

  • For poor people, cheese lovers and cheese fans.
  • For those who appreciate the taste of high-quality cheese, alcohol and well-chosen gastronomic combinations.
  • For everyone who wants to try the taste of real Parmigiano Reggiano, aged for 2 years, and other original Italian cheeses.

Cost: UAH 1,200;

Duration: 19:00-21:00;

Maximum number of guests: 15;

Address: Yevhena Konovaltsia Street, 36-V (500 meters from the Pecherska metro station).

We value the comfort of our guests. So we took care of a separate parking lot for you.

Buy a ticket in time to visit a real Italian tasting in the Ukrainian capital!

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