A fundamental module for anyone who sells cheese: from the seller behind the counter to the manager of the cheese department or a specialized store. This is an essential course for beginner cheesemongers to have a firm start in the profession and dive into the world of cheese.


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The course is

For workers in cheese departments,

for managers in the cheese category,

for CEOs of specialized stores


  • Fewer products written-off
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in the check averages
  • Higher quality service for clients
  • Professional consulting


  • Essentials: what cheese is;
  • Main stages of cheese production and what they may affect;
  • Classification of cheeses as the general framework for forming the cheese space (analyzing the classification, the participants will try more than 20 types of cheese);

  • Tools for working with cheese;

  • Rules for cutting and packing cheese;
  • Rules of forming a cheese plate;
  • Organoleptic properties and what they are useful for;
  • Products pairing;
  • Communication with the client;
  • Working with the cheese space.

Oksana Chernova

A coach and author of the programs at the ProCheese Academy

  • A certified cheese expert with over 10 years of experience working with cheese and professional gastronomy
  • A member of the international jury at the World Cheese Awards
  • One of the founders of the ProCheese Awards festival
  • A culinary traveler and researcher of the cheese culture
  • The author and inspiration for the ProCheese Community

2012 – INSTITUTE PAUL BOCUSE – basic course of French cuisine
2013 – INSTITUTE ICIF – Italian culinary institute for Foringers
2016 –educational course on cheese science, cheese customazing and packaging from the German manufacturer BERGADER AND THE DUTCH UNIEKAAS
2017 – intensive training course at the French academy THE ACADEMIE OPUS CASEUS on cheese aging, for cheese connoisseurs
2018 – fundamental course – cheese expert and cheese affinage at the French Academy of Mons
2018 – obtaining a certificate and license for teaching the original course – “Syroznavets” from the French Academy of Mons


  • Larysa Solovey, cheesemonger

    Parmesan store

    Larysa Solovey, cheesemonger

    How can one describe delight?

    Two months have passed since our team has attended the course. The one thing that stood out for all of us was the team spirit). For me personally, it is super important when people do their job professionally and with passion. I especially enjoyed the masterclass with Gregory. It was interesting to observe how he works with cheese.We, do not have the opportunity to visit cheese stores in Europe. Therefore it is essential to host such educational programs as they will definitely affect the quality of the services provided.

    I thank the ProCheese Academy and our management again for the effort that was put into it ! 

    The emotions that I experienced during my participation in the cheesemonger contest were unbelievable! Thanks to your team everything passed smoothly and at the highest level. Such emotions and feelings of fulfillment (which we rarely get to experience).

  • Maryna Krutofist, cheesemonger


    Maryna Krutofist, cheesemonger

    I would like to share my impressions from the Cheesemonger course. Firstly, I would like to note that I had a concrete goal when I signed up for the program, and that was to solidify my knowledge about cheese and to find out (learn) how to properly work with this product. Did I find what I was searching for? Of course! After a 3-day training, I was left with maximum satisfaction and full of new knowledge and abilities. After the course, I as a seller- consultant was able to apply everything that I have learned in practice (at work).

    It was much easier for me to make contact with the consumer, due to the fact that I was able to be more confident in delivering information about the product to the person I was selling it to. More importantly, how to store cheese correctly and therefore avoid having a lot of the product written off. I would also like to mention that the atmosphere and energy at the ProCheese Academy was super positive, favorable and targeted at success. 

    A separate thank you to Oksana Chernova for clearly and professionally provided information as well as to everyone that took part in the course. You truly are professionals at your job!


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